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Alexis (Senior Makeup Artist)
Alexis (Senior Makeup Artist)

"When I make my clients smile, that's real success."

I've always been passionate about makeup! Whenever my mother would send me into the store for groceries, I’d sneak and buy a red lipstick and black eyeliner! I decided, since I hated my job, I would pursue a career in what I love. So in 2015 I started my path at a makeup school, Studio Crush Atlanta. There I learned set etiquette, different techniques of makeup application, and I walked away with an awesome start to my portfolio. Since then I have been a freelance makeup artist for modeling agencies, brides and a few makeup teams in Charlotte.

Brides should book me because:

  • I am calm, friendly and relaxed which will make your day one of the most enjoyable.
  • I have a way of putting people at ease and making people laugh.
  • I am fully committed to my clients and providing the best service possible.
  • I do not believe in running late or behind time.
  • I use carefully selected premium brands in my kit because I know my clients deserve a luxury experience to remember.
  • My kit and products are always sanitised and clean.
  • I can work on multiple clients within the same booking.
  • My kit includes portable lighting for those spaces that have a lack of natural lighting to ensure we get the best makeup look possible.

The favorite part of my job is "The Reveal"! Watching the client's face light up when they see the finished makeup look is a great feeling! I know I’ve done a great job when I catch them taking selfies!

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Alexis is an expert at what she does. She made all 8 of my bridesmaids look incredible and went the extra mile when there were additional add ons. She even stayed longer than needed to add some lashes to my grandma! It was the best feeling to see all of my friends loving their looks and beaming with happiness.

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