Does My Bridal Party Need Professional Beauty Services?

Jul 10, 2015

Yes, let's count the reasons why...

1) PHOTOS - Most likely, you're hiring a professional photographer. When making an investment that substantial, why wouldn’t you want everyone in your pictures to look their best? Remember, once the dust settles, and your wedding day is over, ALL that is left will be your photos. When you look back, you should be remembering how amazing your wedding day was, and how amazing everyone looked and felt.

2) COMFORT - Having professional makeup and hair services will take the guesswork and stress off of everyone in the bridal party. If you hire a pro who can show you photos and reviews from other weddings they’ve services, there will be no worrying about how your bun looks, or if your makeup looks okay. A professional is just that: a professional. More specifically, our team of artists provide hair and makeup for weddings regularly. We are accustomed to dealing with people’s insecurities, and accommodating their requests. Our artists are trained to make you look like your best self in a timely manner. That being said, the only thing that you and your bridal party will have to do is sit back, relax and become even more beautiful.

3) SCHEDULE - There is so much going on. All the last minute details of the day are getting done, and no one wants to worry about doing their own hair and makeup. When hiring the Makeup Team to service your wedding, everyone will have a scheduled appointment time. Your day will be kept on schedule, regardless of all the chaos, and that’s an incredibly important thing. You DO NOT want to keep your groom and guests waiting because your bridal party is finishing up their own hair and makeup. You DO NOT want to pay additional money to keep your reception venue and photographer for an extra hour or two because you were running late. Sit back, relax and let us pamper you and your bridal party on your wedding day?

4) DID WE MENTION PHOTOS? Having gorgeous makeup and hair may not be on your wedding priority list. We understand that. However, having great photos generally is. And, if having amazing photos is important to you, then having everyone look fabulous in those photos should also be important to you. Yes, hair and makeup is an additional expense for the entire party, but when it is decided well in advance, it can be budgeted for.

Bridemaids, think about this:

You will most likely spend $150 – $200 on a formal dress, and another $50 on shoes to go with that beautiful formal dress. Why wouldn’t you want your makeup and hair to be flawless? Complete your look. Save a little each month, and make the very wise investment to have your makeup and hair done professionally for the bride's special day.


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